[Samba] High CPU on some smb processes.

Saylor, Ted ted.saylor at boeing.com
Wed Jul 24 09:52:21 GMT 2002


First, as a first time poster to this list, I would like to thank the SAMBA
team for this continuously improved product. If it was not for SAMBA, the
files I serve might have been moved to NT - and I would be out of a job!

I have three HP L2000 servers running as a service guard cluster, and there
are 7 packages that run on the cluster. SAMBA (HP product B8725AA - A.01.08
aka 2.2.3a) runs locally on each box. Because of the moving packages, I have
found it easier to register my package NetBios names with the central Boeing
WINS system - therefore I am not running nmbd. I do not serve printing or
need to participate in any other NT stuff that I believe nmbd is for. All I
do is serve files - mainly lots of Unigraphics CAD files.

This systems works, but there is a hitch. While at any given time I might
have 50 smbd processes running, once or twice a day there will be a handful
that really start clocking CPU. They are not runaways and do eventually stop
clocking, but I would like to know what the client is doing to cause this.
So my questions are:

Is there a way to turn up the logging to see if the clients are doing
"sweeps" (finds) in explorer? Can the client sweeps be stopped?

What other kind of client request could peg CPU?

Will 2.2.5 help?

Is there a setting to lock out local directories from the clients (e.g.
/usr, /etc, /var) other than dont decend?  Is there a easy way to "fix" a
environment where root dir=/ and wide links=yes?

Ted Saylor
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