[Samba] Permission problems

jasiek burczymuha gnu_is_not_unix at wp.pl
Tue Jul 23 06:19:02 GMT 2002

Hi !

I successfully joined my samba 2.2.5 serwer to nt domain - i 
also use winbindd - everything should works ok.
I got problem when i try to "take ownership", change ownership 
and modes from nt station.
I am logged as domain admin - admin - and i got communicate:

Unable to take ownership because the account "SRUBKA\admin" 
could not be accessed on the remote machine due to the following 
error: The account could not be found.

So i tryed to make that account from NT on SRUBKA - through user 
manager. - error said: access is denied. I also cant change 
default permissions on share made on SRUBKA through server 
manager - access is denied.

I got proper entiers in /etc/smbusers
root = admin Administrator

linux 2.4.18 with acls samba 2.2.5 rh7.2

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