[Samba] NT user name resolution to UNIX user name doesn't work the same

Tim Allen tallen at integritycompanies.com
Mon Jul 22 14:43:53 GMT 2002

>>My departmental file server is on RHL6.2(i386) (Samba 2.0.6) and 
>>participates in the company's NT domain.

>OK.  I assume that by "participates", you mean that the Linux system is a 
>domain member.


>>If an NT user wants to see shares on this
>>UNIX(Linux) box I have only to create a UNIX account for them where the
>>UNIX username matches the NT username.

>Yes.  That is consistent behavior for a Samba system configured as a 
>member of an NT domain.

This is the desired behavior, i.e. nothing (not much) in the smbpasswd file. ergo If your NT username doesn't match up to a UNIX user (i.e. NT login = "jbloggs" == UNIX login = "jblogs") then no access.

>>I have a Solaris 8 box (Samba
>>2.2.2), I cannot figure out how to make it act the same way.

>Is the Solaris 8 box a domain member?  If not, add it to the domain!  Are 
>you looking for the instructions for how to do this?

no, (I read the FAQs) I used "smbpasswd -j domain -r pdc -U Administrator" to join the domain. And when I look at the domain administrator thingy on the PDC the solaris box is on the list. I am having to add the user (a user that exists in the UNIX world (nis) and the NT world (domain)) to the smbpasswd file- I dont want to do this and don't have to on the linux box. 

Is the NT user being resolved as "domain/user"? If so how do I default prefix a domain name? I do not want to wind up with UNIX usernames like "billsworld/jbloggs".

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