[Samba] share name size limitation?

Guy Story, KC5GOI kc5goi at kc5goi.net
Mon Jul 22 09:19:02 GMT 2002

Hello everyone,  I was trying to rename a newlys created share for a customer 
site over the weekend.  I was trying to give it MedTranBackup but that would 
only yield an error on the NT4 workstation about the network name not found 
and could not browse to it via network neighborhood.  When I use MedTran 
everything was happy.  I appear to have hit a limit in the length of the 
name.  What is the max length limit on a share name?  BTW, I did verify the 
logon scripts had the correct syntax and restarted samba after changing the 


Guy Story, KC5GOI
Itel-Tigerbyte LLC	
gstory at tigerbyte.com

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