[Samba] MAX_MPX

German D. Staltari gdstaltari at arnet.com.ar
Mon Jul 22 06:05:03 GMT 2002

Thanks for your answer, 
by the way, it's something that the samba team has in mind to add in the 
The problem is that i have some w2k clients, which opens a lot of 
connections (the nt4 clients, with the same load, just some connections) 
and sometimes, this clients get an error of  'limit of NetBIOS commands 
reached', and i've found in the Microsoft site something about changing 
the limit of the MAX_MPX registry key in the client and the file server. 
I've made this changes in the w2k clients, but i didn't know how to do it 
in Samba. Any idea?

Thanks for your help,
German Staltari

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> "German D. Staltari" wrote:
> > 
> > Hi, i was searching in the source code, but i didn't find any MAX_MPX  
> > something like that. How can i change MAX_MPX_REQUESTS that smbd can 
> Samba doesn't support multiplexed NetBIOS connections, or any form of
> muliplexing other than muliple user support, and muliple connection
> (TCP/IP level) support.
> By 'muliple user support' I mean that each user does a SessionSetup and
> returns the resulting 'vuid' on subsequent request (open file, read
> etc).
> We allow up to about 2^16 vuids on a connection - but is is a linked
> list...
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