[Samba] killing "uninterruptible sleep" process

Sagi Bashari sagi at boom.org.il
Mon Jul 22 04:25:02 GMT 2002


I logged in to one of my servers today and noticed that the load average is
very high. After investigating the problem I found two processes in "D" stat
("uninterruptible sleep"):

root     24344  0.0  0.2  1532  584 ?        DN   Jul21   0:01
/usr/bin/updatedb -f NFS,SMBFS,NCPFS,PROC,DEVPTS -e
root     25899  0.0  0.2  1532  584 ?        DN   06:26   0:01
/usr/bin/updatedb -f NFS,SMBFS,NCPFS,PROC,DEVPTS -e

Their parent - pid 1532 is already dead.

My guess is that SMB share that I had mounted on this box have died after
the host rebooted. I cannot unmount that share because umount says that the
device is busy.

Is there any way to kill the dead updatedb processes and umount the dead
shares without rebooting the system?


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