[Samba] Mac and SAMBA

Anthony D. Hess tony at engr.arizona.edu
Sat Jul 20 09:51:02 GMT 2002

If it is a Postscript printer you can access it directly under both OSs
using LPR.  But not through Samba.

For OS X I recommend using a program like SMB Browse if you want network
neighborhood style browsing.  I get it from www.versiontracker.com.


On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Christopher Ringe wrote:

> >Can a Macintosh access Samba file and printer shares?
> OS 9 - Yes, but you need a program like 'Dave' (www.thursby.com)
> OS X - Yes, a Samba client is included with OS X and can be accessed
> by either the commandline, or 'Connect to server' option under the Go
> menu in the finder.  If you use the finder, you must type in the
> address as: 'smb://machine/sharename'.  I'm not certain about printer
> shares, but I believe not at this moment.. that might change with OS
> X 10.2 coming out in August.
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