[Samba] rpcclient -c enumdrivers 3 segfaults. HELP

Martin Whinnery <martin.whinnery at sbirmc.ac.uk> e008993 at cobalt.sbirmc.ac.uk
Sat Jul 20 02:13:04 GMT 2002

I'm so nearly there....

We are trying to set up a Domain with W2K workstations and samba servers,
backended with openldap.

We are setting the samba servers up to kickstart (in the redhat stylee),
and so we want to install the printers and drivers from LDAP.

Now we're letting samba pull the printers from printcap, and setting up
the drivers using APW, as this seems the cleanest way. But if we lose the
machine ( theft, fire, coffee, some fool typing 'rm -rf /' instead of 'rm
-rf .' when logged in as root ), we lose the driver configurations.

What I want now to do is use rpcclient to extract the information
necessary to perform an 'rpcclient adddriver', and store this information
in LDAP, so that when we kickstart, we can automatically re-install the

I believe either 'getdriver <printername> 3' or 'enumdrivers 3' will give
me the information I need. But when I try it, getdriver returns nothing
and 'enumdrivers 3' segfaults.

'enumdrivers 2' gets me the driver, data, and config files, but not the
extra files that go along with the printer driver, and the files for
different drivers all go in one directory, so I can't automatically tell
which file belongs to which driver.

My questions:
This segfaulting in rpcclient seems from browsing the lists to be a known
problem. Any chance of a fix?
Failing that, anyone got any ideas as to how I can get the full list of
files installed with a printer driver?

Martin Whinnery
Assistant Network Manager
South Birmingham College

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