[Samba] SOLUTION :to can't copy files to samba volume

Dave J. Andruczyk dandruczyk at enterpriserp.com
Fri Jul 19 11:47:02 GMT 2002

I've managed to fix the problem with copying to a samba share resulting in
the "server is no longer available message".

The problem was caused by the SGI libacl-2.0.9 upgrade.  Seems like SGI
broke some of the attr function calls from the acl lib into the attr lib.
Since samba binaries tended to be linked ONLY to libacl, and not libattr
this caused issues with samba.  My solution on the machine with xfs-1.1. and
libacl/libattr installed was to edit the source RPM with the following changes.

Change the dependancy requirements in the source rpm spec file from
requiring acl-devel to libacl-devl and libattr-devel.

Enable ACL support for MDK-8.1 (this was being built on mandrake 8.1)

edit configure.in in the samba source, and add 'LIBS="$LIBS -lattr" before 
the check for acl_get_file  (at around line 2596, so it looks like:

                    LIBS="$LIBS -lattr"
                        AC_CACHE_CHECK([for ACL support],samba_cv_HAVE_POSIX_ACL
                        AC_TRY_LINK([#include <sys/types.h>

ran "autoconf" to rebuild the configure.in file, and repackaged the samba
tree into the tarball so I could have RPM build things for me.

It all worked great, though changing ACL's from win2k does NOT stick. I'm
not sure if this is "normal" behavior, or if it requires special options in
the smb.conf file though. 

I did NOT need this feature but it is a concern nonetheless, for those that
may need it.

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