[Samba] Update Samba

Donal Byrne donal.byrne at XIAM.com
Fri Jul 19 10:14:04 GMT 2002

Newbie question: I've installed samba_2.2.5 and it works great, got winbind
working have convinced boss types that it's a viable alternative to Windows
for some filesharing, however I originally did the configure and make
without specifying smbmount be included in the build but with some other
options, inlcude winbind and pam. If I run ./configure --with-smbmount and
do a make etc. will this just update my existing install or overwrite it? I
can't remember all the options that I originally installed and don't want to
run the risk of overwriting it and possibly breaking something in my config
having got it to the point where people are just about to start using it.

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