[Samba] user on W2K SP2 SERVER cannot auth on samba PDC (but W2K WS yes)

plebrun at artic.fr plebrun at artic.fr
Fri Jul 19 08:57:02 GMT 2002

Client = W2K OS Server SP2 but not server for anything except a shared 
software. (I didn't run dcpromo) 

I've just built a brand new domain with samba as PDC. 
I did not have any problem with W98, NT WS, NT Server, 2K WS and XP WS. 
All of these joined the domain successfully and users are happy. 

But, a user in the company runs a W2K SP2 os SERVER as workstation. 

There was no problem to register the box in the domain. 

Hello all,

When I try to log in the domain, I get the following message: 

"The system cannot log you on to this domain because the system's computer 
account in its primary domain is missing or the password on that account 
is incorrect." 

This is not true because when I joined the server to the domain I got the 
success message "Welcome to DOMAIN" 

But I cannot see the box in the network neighbourghood. 
nmblookup -A gives the following result. 

        ARTW2KS1                <1f> -                B <ACTIVE> 
        ARTW2KS1                <00> -                B <ACTIVE> 
        DOMAIN                <00> - <GROUP>         B <ACTIVE> 
        ARTW2KS1                <03> -                B <ACTIVE> 
        INet~Services                 <1c> - <GROUP>         B <ACTIVE> 
        IS~ARTW2KS1        <00> -                B <ACTIVE> 

I created a local account on the W2K server with the same name as the 
domain account. The astonishing fact is that when I log on the server, in 
the browse list I can see and use the user's home account. 

Is there someone around here to tell me why I cannot log in the domain 
from the W2K SERVER, and what I must do to connect into ? 

Thank you for your help and thank you to have been patient enough to read 
this memo. 

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