[Samba] Excel & disk full

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Fri Jul 19 06:46:04 GMT 2002

Good afternoon,

I have a big problem using samba 2.2.3a on an HP-UX ver. B.11.00.
The problem is that on some win9x clients (the number seems to grow week after week)
they cannot save Excel worksheets on samba network shares. Simple they got a
"Disk full" error, and obviously there is enough disk space on the HP-UX machine.
If you perform a "save as" on a local disk and then move it to the samba network
share everything works fine, so it seems to be an Excel related problem.
But the same user account used on a W2k machine (we use the net logon feature) can
work without any problem on the same worksheets, so it may be also an smb related

The worksheets are also old ones that the user simply have to modify and then save
it again in the same position where he got it.

There is any one that had some problem like this? Some one had an idea on the
possible solution?

I hope that the data I wrote down are enough, otherwise please forgive me and just
ask what do you need.


Carlo D.C.

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