[Samba] smbclient & /etc/printcap Why does my printconf-gui doesnt work? (samba 2.2.3a) Red Hat Linux 7.2 enigma-

Diembo Linux at deschuen.de
Fri Jul 19 05:27:02 GMT 2002

I have played around with samba now for quite a while but couldnt print on my 
win2k box with koffice. with the command line smbclient it works:

smbclient //server/hpdeskje -N -P -U user -c 'print hello'

prints a text (from the file hello) "Hello World"

Also a print to file file off my win2k box would print fine with smbclient. 
Only, I cant quite find out how the printcap file works. With my 
printconf-gui tool nothing works!	

what has to be the :if=??:\

I thought it would be 

smbclient //server/hpdeskje -N -P -U user -c 'print -'

or do i have to use the smbprint script with options I didnt figure out yet 
what they mean?? Do I have to use :af=??:\

My, I think I'm close but this printing with LINUX has been quite an issue 
for me, so far.

Thanks in advance

Diembo working @ Linux :-P

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