[Samba] Problem With Windows Xp and Samba....

Claudio Prono claudio.prono at mediaservice.net
Fri Jul 19 04:13:03 GMT 2002

Hi to all...

I have a big problem with samba and Windows Xp Professional, this is the

When i try to upload anything in a samba share, my Xp uses a little of
the band empty to send it, and it takes very longs time to upload...
Using Task manager i see the network usage of 1% of the full band... and
i don't know why... I have also tryed with the latest alpha of Samba 3.0
but the results are the same... I have tryed also to upload into a
Windows 98 share, and the results are the same. It's a problem of
Windows Xp I think....but what i can do?

Thanks to all, sorry for the bad English, but i am an Italian


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