[Samba] SBS/NT alternative..

Mick Bellears michael.bellears at staff.datafx.com.au
Thu Jul 18 16:45:02 GMT 2002

I am after information on implementing a linux-based alternative for SBS/NT.
(Sorry for the partial cross-posting!)

My main goal is central authentication(Via pam->mysql) of all services
(Samba/Mail(QMail)/IMAP(Courier)/LDAP?/Ical?(Calendar/Contact Sharing - Or
considering something like phpGroupware if Ical doesn't cut the mustard?)),
and hopefully centralised administration?

I have implemented Samba with pam_mysql and it works nicely!

Has anyone implemented anything similar to this? Experiences in doing so? Is
LDAP necessary (Benefits?)

I would really appreciate any feedback!

Thanks in advance.


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