[Samba] Samba client not visible for XP

Mladen Gavrilovic mladen-g at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 18 12:36:02 GMT 2002

> Hellow Samba,
> Can anybody explain the following?
> I have two situations, one old and one new ;-)
> Old situation:
> - OS = win98
>    Samba = 2.2.??? (forgot, but this hasn't changed)
>    Samba server visible in workgroup = NO
>    Samba server connectable by name = YES
> (\\server\share)

Whew.  No idea.  You've probably almost certainly checked this, but if not:

Is the samba server on the same workgroup for sure as the windows 
machine?  If you change the name of the workgroup to something else on 
both machines, is the situation still the same?  Can you see the samba 
server as part of the workgroup from the samba machine ITSELF?  For 
example with Xsmbrowser or just smbclient?

> New situation:
> - OS = Win XP
>    Samba = 2.2.??? (yep, still the same one, same
> config file)
>    Samba server visible in workgroup = NO
>    Samba server connectable by name = NO ----> BUT
> connectable by ip# 
> works
> (\\\share)

I had a similar problem (except the other way around... the XP computer 
was only browsableby IP from the Samba box), and it turned out that my 
samba version was too old and didn't work correctly with XP.  The Samba 
version I had was whatever comes default with Red Hat 7.2.  Once I 
upgraded to 2.2.4, I could see the XP box correctly.

I also had a problem with XP not being able to connect to the Samba box, 
but mine was an access denied problem.  It turned out that my Linux box 
was by default not letting SMB and NMB traffic in.  Make sure that ports 
137-139 are open for both TCP and UDP.  Possibly if SMB traffic is being 
let through, but NMB is not, you would get the problem you are having 
(connectable only by IP).

> A few small questions. The answers may not be so
> small, but they are 
> not
> really important, but could come in handy:
> - I am planning on migrating my network from workgroup
> to domain, with 
> a
> Samba PDC.
>   -  Administrating users and such, what is the best
> place / tool to do
> this from a windows client?
>   -  Can somebody help me pointing out what to take
> care of to make it 
> all
> work immediately?
> - Is there a tool / way to make it so that when I
> change my windows
> password my unix password changes along with it, yet
> keeping encryption 
> on?

Sorry, can't help you here...


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