[Samba] Samba client not visible for XP

Enrique Sanchez Vela esanchezvela at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 18 12:01:01 GMT 2002


 did you check your firewall settings?? 
 "ipchains -L"

 is "nmbd" running on the server you can not brwose?

 it is strange, I have had lots of problems with
WinME/98 but XP seems to work fine the very first try.

 also, is the Netbios name you are trying to use
available for use in the network? 

 do you have logs?


2nd try... (with a few changes however...)

Hellow Samba,

Can anybody explain the following?

I have two situations, one old and one new ;-)
Old situation:
- OS = win98
   Samba = 2.2.??? (forgot, but this hasn't changed)
   Samba server visible in workgroup = NO
   Samba server connectable by name = YES

New situation:
- OS = Win XP
   Samba = 2.2.??? (yep, still the same one, same
config file)
   Samba server visible in workgroup = NO
   Samba server connectable by name = NO ----> BUT
connectable by ip# 

the strange thing is that I have 2 samba servers, one
is listed, the 
is not, yet I cannot see the differences, except the
configured network
interfaces to use...

Obviously this must be a setting I overlooked or
something... anybody 
can explain this?
I did the ugly job of installing XP OVER 98, but I
will re-install when 
have the time for it...

A few small questions. The answers may not be so
small, but they are 
really important, but could come in handy:
- I am planning on migrating my network from workgroup
to domain, with 
Samba PDC.
  -  Administrating users and such, what is the best
place / tool to do
this from a windows client?
  -  Can somebody help me pointing out what to take
care of to make it 
work immediately?
- Is there a tool / way to make it so that when I
change my windows
password my unix password changes along with it, yet
keeping encryption 


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