[Samba] Request for addition to the samba FAQ (s)

Tom.Klopf at mms.gov Tom.Klopf at mms.gov
Thu Jul 18 11:05:02 GMT 2002

This is compliments of John McCawley [jmccawley at worleyco.com].

Q: On my Samba PDC, if I don't add a 'logon path = \\%N\profiles\%U' 
line to my smb.conf W2K clients complain about an inability to get the 
roaming profile, but if I add it, hundreds of megabytes of information 
get copied to and from the server on every login/out!

A: Add the line 'logon path = ' to your smb.conf.  Nothing gets copied 
to the server, and your W2K client won't complain.

Tom Klopf

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