[Samba] Loading homedir from windows 2000 server with autofs

Eric Salmons ericsal123 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 18 10:44:03 GMT 2002

Hi all.


I looked on the net and didn't find the information I needed to make this 

Each of my users got their own share of 100mb, \\w2k\username, I want that 
they get this share for their homedir on the unix stations. I saw that we 
could use autofs to mount samba share, password could be grepped from smbpw. 
My problem is, the server who have the shares run windows 2000, and I cannot 
change this (ibm windows clusters solution with 1+ terabyte). Since the 
share manager run win2k, unix mount can't play with permission/owner, which 
make the homedir pretty useless... I also tried to use cifs, but If I 
understood well, cifs only work if your server is unix since it only allow 
the transpher of metadata...

Anyone did something like this? I don't want to use the microsoft package: 
NFS for windows...

Thanks in advance,
Eric Salmons

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