[Samba] Samba client not visible for XP

Michiel_Lange at actuera.nl Michiel_Lange at actuera.nl
Thu Jul 18 06:11:02 GMT 2002

2nd try... (with a few changes however...)

Hellow Samba,

Can anybody explain the following?

I have two situations, one old and one new ;-)
Old situation:
- OS = win98
   Samba = 2.2.??? (forgot, but this hasn't changed)
   Samba server visible in workgroup = NO
   Samba server connectable by name = YES (\\server\share)

New situation:
- OS = Win XP
   Samba = 2.2.??? (yep, still the same one, same config file)
   Samba server visible in workgroup = NO
   Samba server connectable by name = NO ----> BUT connectable by ip# works

the strange thing is that I have 2 samba servers, one is listed, the other
is not, yet I cannot see the differences, except the configured network
interfaces to use...

Obviously this must be a setting I overlooked or something... anybody who
can explain this?
I did the ugly job of installing XP OVER 98, but I will re-install when I
have the time for it...

A few small questions. The answers may not be so small, but they are not
really important, but could come in handy:
- I am planning on migrating my network from workgroup to domain, with a
Samba PDC.
  -  Administrating users and such, what is the best place / tool to do
this from a windows client?
  -  Can somebody help me pointing out what to take care of to make it all
work immediately?
- Is there a tool / way to make it so that when I change my windows
password my unix password changes along with it, yet keeping encryption on?


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