[Samba] horrible transfer-speed

NSC - NetworkServiceCenter nsc at fh-stpoelten.ac.at
Thu Jul 18 05:59:06 GMT 2002


i have 2.2.5 as pdc with ldap and joined the w2k-clients to domain. my
proplem is now, that to copy a 4,5 mb file to a servershare takes near 20
seconds and the same file to a share of a w2k-ws only 1 second (!).
the ping from the server to the workstations is similar and is in a scope
of 0,2 ms, so i think the network isn't the problem!
also i searched the mailinglist-archieve about the problem, but all
suggestions won't help. i tried all combinations ob socket options and also
filled /etc/hosts with ws-names - no solve.

please help me (maybe it's only one little switch!)

thanks in advance
thomas reisenbichler

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