[Samba] file refresh on windows 98 client

Adam Manock abmanock at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 18 04:58:02 GMT 2002

Could not reproduce with:
Win98 SE
Samba 2.2.4
Redhat 7.2
Oplocks on (with kernel oplocks = yes) OR oplocks off

HP-UX specific issue?
(I don't think it's a win98 problem)


At 01:16 PM 7/18/02 +0200, Silvana Bortolin wrote:
>I have the following  problem.
>I run samba on a HP-UX 11 system (L1000).
>1)I have a file on UNIX on /shdir/prova3/silvana.txt with the following
>content: AAAAAAAAA.
>2) I delete and recreate the file with the following instructions:
>rm /shdir/prova3/silvana.txt
>echo BBBBBBBBBB > shdir/prova3/silvana.txt
>3) I try to see the file on a Windows98 client but I see the old versione of
>the file: I see  AAAAAAAAA.
>On windows95 client I see the new version of the content BBBBBBBBBB
>Coud you contact me via e-mail?
>Configuration and versione  in the att. files.
>Thanks in advance.
>Silvana Bortolin

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