[Samba] Sage Line 50

Gerald Drouillard gerrylist at drouillard.ca
Thu Jul 18 03:52:17 GMT 2002

Your server could be using/permitting oplocks.  Could we see your smb.conf.
Also note that with a shared file server application you have to modify the
registry of the client machines to prevent them from 'delayed writes' and

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> Hi all,
>    I am attempting to get Sage to support their software if the files are
> on Samba (Linux).  They (like a lot of people I've heard) say "We don't
> support Linux, Goodbye." even when the client is on Win98/NT.  We
> have been
> having trouble on a particular site, and they refuse to support Sage Line
> 50 if the files are on Linux which is absurd, because Linux is much more
> stable than the previous OS on their server (WinNT 4.5 SBS).  Anyway, I
> have the following questions :
>    If you or your customers are running Sage Line 50 with files
> on a Samba
> share, could you please send an email to sagesambausers at inter.co.uk, so I
> can tell sage that there are loads of people running their
> software in this
> configuration and it is unreasonable to not support it.
>    If you found any settings that adversely/favorably affect Sage Line 50
> let me know, you may as well reply all, although to the above
> address would
> do too.
>    Does anyone know anyone who can put pressure on Sage to support
> Samba?  I will try the AFFS, but don't know how international Sage are
> these days (AFFS is only UK).
> Thanks
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