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Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Wed Jul 17 17:10:03 GMT 2002

Hallo Joel,

Joel Hammer schrieb:

> smbclient -L winserver will show you who the server knows about.

but often no WINS-Server will be used.

> findsmb will broadcast for you.

But the command must be run on a system without nmbd running. If nmbd
is running on the system, you will only get the IP address and the DNS
name of the machine. And if you want to send a notification with
smbclient, you always need the NETBIOS name of the machine(s).

> But, so will nmblookup '*'.

nmblookup in 2.2.5 is buggy? Dokumentation says:

-B <broadcast address>
Send the query to the given broadcast address. Without this option the
default behavior of nmblookup is to send the query to the broadcast
address of the network interfaces as either auto-detected or defined in
the interfaces parameter of the smb.conf (5) file.

My interfaces parameter:

interfaces =

And here is the output:

linux 1.0 > nmblookup '*'
querying * on *<00>

The second interface is ignored and output only gives IP adresses :o(

Here is the output with the 2nd interface broadcast adress.

linux 1.0 > nmblookup '*' -B
querying * on *<00> *<00> *<00> *<00> *<00> *<00>

Only IPs  :o(
Thats why this is also not the way.

An option for smbclient for sending messages to a hole subnet wood be
very nice. It's possible with Windows (NT,2k,XP).

der tom
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