[Samba] m$ briefcase / access question

Sylvestre Taburet sylvestre.taburet at free.fr
Wed Jul 17 14:44:04 GMT 2002

Le Mercredi 17 Juillet 2002 23:42, Greg Conway a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I've just realised Samba doesn't appear to support M$ Briefcases, which is
> a bit of a shame as I've just designed an Access Database system that needs
> to replicate between Servers on five sites, and we've just converted the
> client's NT Servers to Linux Samba Servers.... (now, finally, things work
> properly!!)

You might be able to do it using rsync:

at least you can use it to replicate your DB across the servers.
I think there's even a port to win32.
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