[Samba] strange samba problem

Javid Abdul-AJAVID1 AJAVID1 at motorola.com
Wed Jul 17 13:09:04 GMT 2002

thanks but in this case its not case sensitive

rje is her folder with 755 on unix home
she cant see it on windows

when i rename it like rjeorg, then i can see the folder

like this there are some folder and some files ( not all in unix home though

I wonder why its showing up when i move them to different name

also i renamed rjeorg back to rje, it showup in exlorer

therere are lot of users unix home drive access used by samba, this is not
happening to everybody

thanks in advance

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Javid Abdul-AJAVID1 wrote:
> Hi all
> I justed noticed, a user is is not able to see all the folders on windows.
> User is mapping to her unix home drive from pc via samba
> If i move the file and change its name, i can see it on explorer on pc
> but there is no one to one mapping
> any help is appreciated

Windows is case-insensitive.  Check to make sure she does not have
something like 'doc' and 'Doc' as different directories or files inn her
home dir.

Also, Windows hides some files with certain extensions.  Check to make
sure she is set to see all files.


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