[Samba] Netbios name problem

Strickland Christopher B DLVA StricklandCB at NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Wed Jul 17 10:30:03 GMT 2002

I've recently been tasked with migrating all our intranet file systems from
nac servers to a Sun Enterprise 10K.  The nac servers were providing CIFS
services to our W2K Domain servers, but I'm setting up Samba 2.2.5 on the
sun Enterprise 10K running Solaris 7.  Its gone smoothly so far, but I'm new
to Samba and have experienced one problem in particular.  When I assign a
netbios name to the Samba server and start Samba it appears in the W2K
domain with the netbios name, but an error occurrs when I attempt to access
the share -> "Path not found".  If I remove the netbios name and let it come
up with it's hostname instead everything works fine.  Any suggestions??
Also if anyone could suggest a good book on Samba that covers a lot of W2K
issues rather than NT issues I would appreciate it.  I have O'Reilly's
Learning Samba, but it referrs mostly to NT issues.



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