[Samba] Possibly problem with case of filenames ?

Harry Rüter harry_rueter at gmx.de
Wed Jul 17 00:46:04 GMT 2002


i'm having a little problem with samba (or Windows98 ?).

The story :

I'm using the program WHFC (Windows Hylafax Client) on
a W2k and Win98-client.

Samba 2.2.5 is running on Suse LINUX 7.1 Kernel 2.4.18.

The WHFC-program uses a share on the LINUX-server
(actually the share contains tif-images of received

No problems with W2k, but with Win98.

The WHFC-client shows the files correctly in downcases 
(ohhh, is this the right word ?), for instance :

When running under W2k everything is okay,
i can see the file and i can show it using an image-viewer
called by WHFC with the command line 
"D:\Programme\Windows NT\Zubehör\ImageVue\kodakimg.exe w:\%s" .
This is the same under W2k and Win98 .

When running under Win98 the file is converted to uppercase
(FAX00004.TIF) and it cannot be found by the image-viewer
(which is correct as FAX00004.TIF doesn't exist).

So what's happening ?

The whole thing worked fine for about two years under
W2k AND Win98. The only thing i changed was the samba-version,
which was upgraded from 2.2.3a to 2.2.5.

Is it a really problem of samba or of Win98 (maybe with some option
in Win98) ?

Has it to do with mangling ?

I show you the parts of smb.conf which belong to the share :

        server string = Samba-PDC %v on %h
        workgroup = WORKGROUP
        encrypt passwords = yes
        netbios name = 486dx66
        domain master = Yes
        local master = Yes
        prefered master = yes
        wins support = no
        wins proxy = no
        security = user
        os level = 255
        domain logons = yes
        logon drive = v:
        logon path = \\%N\%u\ntprofile\%a
        logon home = \\%N\%u\.profiles
        logon script = logonsmb.bat
        add user script = /usr/local/sbin/mkuser %u user
        log level = 1
        ldap server = xyz
        ldap suffix =   "xyz"
        ldap admin dn = "xyz"
        ldap ssl = start_tls
        ldap port = 389
        lock dir = /var/lock/samba
        kernel oplocks = no

        hide dot files = No
        map system = Yes
        read size = 65535

        log file = /var/log/samba.log.%m
        lpq command = /usr/bin/lpq  -P%p %u
        time server = Yes
        character set = ISO8859-1

        max log size = 1000
        browsable = yes
        map hidden = Yes
        dos filetime resolution = Yes
        socket options = TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_LOWDELAY
        bind interfaces only = Yes
        strict locking = Yes
        map to guest = Bad User
        dos filetimes = Yes
        create mask = 0660
        preserve case = yes
        short preserve case = yes
        case sensitive =yes
        hide unreadable = yes
        browsable = yes
        writable = yes
        comment = Eingangs-Fax-Queue
        path = /var/spool/fax/recvq
        public = yes


I would be happy if someone on the list could tell me what's going

greets Harry

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