[Samba] Logging File access

Jan Fenner jfenner at sino.de
Wed Jul 17 00:40:08 GMT 2002


we use various smb server inside a NT4 controlled domain. The clients
run w2k.
Now sometimes it happens that files get 'lost' drom the server... they
got deleted. Other files are suddenly changed or renamed. Now we need
to find out what happens with this file, maybe a virus on a client or
a malicious user, .. there are quite a lot variants.

Now the question, is it possible to make samba logging those events:

* opening/closing of a file
* renaming/moving/copying of a file
* creating/deleting/changing/saving a file

the requierd log output should contain
* date/time
* machine-name/domain-user name
* filename
* processed action

I know that windows is able to log such events but i know either that
i dont want to use a windows machine if we have a well working smb.

Any ideas?

-jan fenner

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