[Samba] connecting to samba server from win2k

Paul Daukas paul at linx.net
Tue Jul 16 09:46:09 GMT 2002

HI there,

I need some urgent help, we have a number of win2k machines in the office
that connect to different shares on sun boxes using samba.  One particular
machine can no longer connect to any shares on a particular server when all
other machines can.  This is a big mystery to me has anyone had anything
like this before???  The error we are getting is "System error 53" on
command line, and if we do netstat the connection attempts come up as
TIME_WAIT which doesn't make sense to me.

the confusing bit is that this particular machine can connect to any other
shares on all other servers.  And all other machines in the office can
connect to the particular server that the machine mentioned above cant.

Please can someone advice???  Let me know if you need more info?



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