[Samba] Samba Client Performance

Ralph Armstrong ralph at bustech.com
Tue Jul 16 07:54:01 GMT 2002

I am testing SAMBA and SAMBA Client on a switched Gigabit Ethernet network.

On same network, a Win2K client writes to a Win2K Server at about 16 

The Win2K client also writes to a RH 7.2 Server with SAMBA at about the 
same 16 MBytes/sec.

But when I try a SAMBA client throughput drops to about 4.5MBytes/sec to 
either the Win2K Server or the Linux Samba Server.

I've tried this with both RH 7.1 and RH 7.2. clients with similar results.

There doesn't seem to be much to tune on the samba client side.  I've 
tried IPTOS_THROUGHPUT, TCP_NODELAY, and SO_SNDBUF (at various sizes) 
and none of it shows a significant change in performance.

Can anyone tell me how to effect the performance of a linux samba client 
writing to a Win2K Server or Linux Samba Server.

By the way, Server to Client performance is also in the 16MBytes/sec 
range.  It is just writing to the server that is slow.


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