[Samba] 5 non-answered questions.

Rashkae rashkae at wealthmap.ca
Tue Jul 16 07:29:02 GMT 2002

1.  I don't have this problem.  But if I try mkdir test/test2, I get a
"syntax is incorrect" error message.  mkdir test\test2, on the other
hand, works great.  Are you sure you dind't do it right when testing with
NT/W2k Servers and accidentally used a / when testing with Samba share?

2.  What patch level of Windows NT are we talking about?  This is
something where the Samba error logs might provide insightful clues.

3.  I don't know if there's a tool to simulate MapRoot, but this is a
Windows NT (and previous) issue, and has nothing to do with Samba.  If
nobody here provides an answer, try a Windows Admistration help

4.  Ya, I agree, trying to fake Windows style permissions and attributes
over a Unix filesystem can be a annoyance.  In my case, its simple to just
force user on public shares so everyone who has write access to that share
is the same user as far as Unix host is concerned.  If you need better
fine tuning, Samba implements windows ACL that should, to my knowledge,
mimick Windows permissions.  I have zero experience implementing this,
however.  Your mileage may vary.

5.  man smb.conf  -- That may sound trite, but there is no such thing as
step by step to get max performance over and above default.  Anything you
do to get more performance is highly dependant on your individual
situation, and requires careful reading/understanding of the Samba
directives.  (After all, if it were that easy to get better performance,
it would just be the default, no?)

On Tue, 16 Jul 2002, Stephane Prunier wrote:


We have just migrated our large dev file server on linux+samba
It works almost fine but here are some question asked by some users I can't
answer, after reading the manuals, the FAQs...and reading this list for a
while :

1. Why can't NT clients do several levels mkdir ?
I mean doing a mkdir toto/titi would create first a toto directory and then
a titi directory inside. It works with an NT/2000/Netware file server but
not with samba.
We can do it with Win2k client workstations, but not with NT.
Stange, hu ?

2. With NT clients again, we get some strange results when using the right
click, send to option to send a text file in the notepad. Sometimes it
works, sometimes not ("Unable to open file" error message). I crosss
checked the unix file perms, the samba options between working and non
working files. No way.

3. Is there a tool to simulate the MAPROOT novell command ?
    (We are doing subst but it is not very easy to use as all map are
labelled "Network Drive")
    Again, Win2k allows "deep" drive mapping and NT not.

4. The matching between DOS attributes (archive, read only...) and Unix
rights is something not very cool for the end user.
=> Only the owner of a file can really change them. And users cannot change
file ownership (because only root can do this on unix)
Is there a workaround to this ?

5. I would be interested in having a link to a document (or a book) which
explains step by step how tu tune samba to get max perf.

Many thanks for your help.


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