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You could always dump Sage, I guess - that might send a message :)

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Hi all,

   I am attempting to get Sage to support their software if the files are 
on Samba (Linux).  They (like a lot of people I've heard) say "We don't 
support Linux, Goodbye." even when the client is on Win98/NT.  We have been 
having trouble on a particular site, and they refuse to support Sage Line 
50 if the files are on Linux which is absurd, because Linux is much more 
stable than the previous OS on their server (WinNT 4.5 SBS).  Anyway, I 
have the following questions :

   If you or your customers are running Sage Line 50 with files on a Samba 
share, could you please send an email to sagesambausers at inter.co.uk, so I 
can tell sage that there are loads of people running their software in this 
configuration and it is unreasonable to not support it.

   If you found any settings that adversely/favorably affect Sage Line 50 
let me know, you may as well reply all, although to the above address would 
do too.

   Does anyone know anyone who can put pressure on Sage to support 
Samba?  I will try the AFFS, but don't know how international Sage are 
these days (AFFS is only UK).


Martyn Ranyard
Free Software Advocate

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