[Samba] Update your list to find your secret admirer!

Matchmaker at someonelikesyou.com Matchmaker at someonelikesyou.com
Tue Jul 16 05:17:08 GMT 2002

Dear Sven,

Still haven't found your secret admirer?  No worries, you've only listed 1
guesses and most users take 10 to 12 guesses before they get a match --
So... Update your list now!
Go to: www.SomeoneLikesYou.com/mainpage.html

Here's another CLUE:
<li>Your secret admirer likes to spend free time doing Sports/Athletics/Fitness</li><li>Your secret admirer's perfect first date is A walk through the park</li>

Have fun!

Best wishes,

The SLY Matchmaker
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