[Samba] rpcclient and setdriver

David Morel david.morel at amakuru.net
Tue Jul 16 04:08:01 GMT 2002


I'm trying to use rpcclient 'setdriver'  as an unprivileged user; a 
special lpadmin user with very limited rights has been created, and 
ownership of the location of driver files (/home/PrintDrivers) given to him.

when executing the smbclient and rpc commands like cupsaddsmb does, 
nearly everything works fine, except the last command:
when i issue an rpcclient localhost -U "lpadmin%password" -c "setdriver 
printer printerdriver" , it fails with an NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL

if i issue the same command using root%rootpassword (after setting the 
proper options in smb.conf!)  it succeeds.
I tried changing ownership of some .tdb files, but no way.

Any clue ?

David Morel

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