[Samba] Problem with Samba 2.2.2 and Windows 2k client

Jafar Hosseinzadeh jafar at genuity.com
Mon Jul 15 20:54:07 GMT 2002


I have the following configuration:

-Server:Solaris 8, running Samba 2.22
-Client: Windows 2K Advance Server SP2

They are on the same network...
They are in the same nt domain. [the samba server was added and you can see the shared dir info on the pdc server]

->Unable to map the network drive; I get the error message:
"The network path \\myserver\myshare could not be found.

->I am able to mount other pc server shared folders.  I also can mount myserver on Win 2K pro and servers outside the domain.  The nt desktop and servers can mount the samba server whether they are in or outside the domain.

I welcome any suggestions regarding this problem.  

thankx  --jh 

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