[Samba] Controlling Samba with xinetd

Freeman, Peter (ERHS) Freeman.Peter at saugov.sa.gov.au
Mon Jul 15 17:18:02 GMT 2002

Hi all

Just a query from a fellow tech who's playing with Samba.
He just asked me the following question, it's something I've
never really thought of, but on the face of it could be worth
further investigation.

Any thoughts??



Was doing some research last night on high availablilty - 
led me to a thought which I have seen around before but 
decided it was not necessary.

What are your thoughts on using inetd to control the Samba daemon?  
This (ought to) fix problems with an unstable process running as the 
user and crashing.  Usually a restart of Samba is required to get it 
going again


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