[Samba] userPassword lmPassword ntPassword synchronization via pam_ldap patch

Jason Joines joines at joines.okstate.edu
Mon Jul 15 15:14:01 GMT 2002

     There was a thread a while back about a pam_ldap version at 
http://www.rit.bme.hu/~balsa/pam_ldap_ntlm/ that would change a user's 
samba password when they changed their unix password and vice versa.  
Someone said they had it working by applying the patch.
     This is exactly what I need to do as well.  I downloaded the stuff 
from http://www.rit.bme.hu/~balsa/pam_ldap_ntlm/ but thought it was the 
entire pam_ldap instead of a patch.  A patch is much better as I would 
like to apply it to my SuSE 8.0 pam_ldap-137 source rpm, then build an 
rpm from that.
     How can I find or make or apply the patch?


Jason Joines
Open Source = Open Minds

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