[Samba] samba ldap and anonymous shares

Jason Joines joines at joines.okstate.edu
Mon Jul 15 15:01:05 GMT 2002

On Monday 15 July 2002 16:25, Jason Joines wrote:
>      We are moving all of our linux and samba authentication to
> OpenLDAP and we have several anonymous shares that users access to
> run custom applications.
>      After moving everything to OpenLDAP, anonymous access is broken
> but only from windows clients.  If you connect from a Linux client
> and pass the username of nobody without a password, it works just
> fine.  Even specifiying the nobody user from a windows client does
> not work. The server's local passwd file still has the nobody user in
> it.  I tried both with and without the nobody user in the OpenLDAP
> directory. Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Jason Joines
> Open Source = Open Minds
> ==========================================

     Found the problem.  When upgrading to a version of Samba that 
supported LDAP I got a new configuration file and didn't notice that 
the line "map to guest = Bad User" was not in the new configuration 
     Putting that in fixed the problem.


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