[Samba] Network access speed.

Dan Vande More dvm at gwtr.com
Mon Jul 15 14:45:02 GMT 2002

Ironically, after I wrote this I bumped log level to 3 and ran ethereal on a Windows XP save and Windows NT save.
(Log level didn't say much, just a few paragraphs I could not understand, no errors from what I could see.)
I'm trying my best to decipher it but if anyone else wants to see them let me know.
I saved them as a tcpdump format, so it should be just fine.
Thanks Joel,


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This issue of speed comes up a lot. I don't know the answer. Some claim
its cheap NIC's, others that there is an authentication issue, and so on.
What I never seen anybody do is run tcpdump and look at what the machines
are saying to each other when things are slow.

On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 02:02:09PM -0600, Dan Vande More wrote:
> Good afternoon all,
> I have a few questions, and just joined the list and plan on staying.
> I had 2 Samba servers at work, both running apache, etc, that we develop on from work and at home over a vpn.
> My vpn upload speed is 25K, and at one time windows 2000 could save a document in less than 4 seconds from across the vpn using textpad. 
> We recently downgraded our crappy 7.1 redhat versions to 6.2 which are a lot more reliable and easy to work with.
> Since then my speed has increased to 14 seconds for a save on Win2k and alot more headaches.
> I don't think it has anything to do with version, but perhaps the config.
> However the real pain comes from WinXP which has a ridiculous save time of ~28 seconds.
> For testing I installed NT 4 barebones and I can save across the vpn in almost 1 second, I feel like I'm on a lan with it(and im loving every minute of it!).
> Does anybody have experience with tweaking the config for total speed?
> How have other people solved the Windows XP issues?
> What can I do to increase the logging level?
> It is my guess that since most people are doing stuff across a high speed LAN that they do not even notice the speed issues with XP.
> I've tried a few registry settings from some ms documents, as well as a few samba specific tweaks.
> However, I'd be interested if anyone has any advice, links, ng postings, etc that may help me.
> I am willing to try both samba conf and windows changes to fix these, because I cannot bear to take 30 seconds per save on a 3kb page.
> I have my computer name in the /etc/hosts file(and I am confident that my name is being resolved), and I have the computers doing domain authentication on a Win2k mixed mode pdc.
> Thank you all,
> Dan VandeMore
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