[Samba] Network access speed.

Dan Vande More dvm at gwtr.com
Mon Jul 15 13:38:33 GMT 2002

Good afternoon all,

I have a few questions, and just joined the list and plan on staying.
I had 2 Samba servers at work, both running apache, etc, that we develop on from work and at home over a vpn.
My vpn upload speed is 25K, and at one time windows 2000 could save a document in less than 4 seconds from across the vpn using textpad. 
We recently downgraded our crappy 7.1 redhat versions to 6.2 which are a lot more reliable and easy to work with.
Since then my speed has increased to 14 seconds for a save on Win2k and alot more headaches.
I don't think it has anything to do with version, but perhaps the config.
However the real pain comes from WinXP which has a ridiculous save time of ~28 seconds.
For testing I installed NT 4 barebones and I can save across the vpn in almost 1 second, I feel like I'm on a lan with it(and im loving every minute of it!).
Does anybody have experience with tweaking the config for total speed?
How have other people solved the Windows XP issues?
What can I do to increase the logging level?
It is my guess that since most people are doing stuff across a high speed LAN that they do not even notice the speed issues with XP.
I've tried a few registry settings from some ms documents, as well as a few samba specific tweaks.
However, I'd be interested if anyone has any advice, links, ng postings, etc that may help me.

I am willing to try both samba conf and windows changes to fix these, because I cannot bear to take 30 seconds per save on a 3kb page.

I have my computer name in the /etc/hosts file(and I am confident that my name is being resolved), and I have the computers doing domain authentication on a Win2k mixed mode pdc.

Thank you all,

Dan VandeMore

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