[Samba] WINS on Solaris 7/8 - broken?

rwotten at checkfree.com rwotten at checkfree.com
Mon Jul 15 13:25:03 GMT 2002

I had no problem configuring WINS lookups, via nsswitch and libnss_wins.so,
under Linux.

The problem I am having is on Solaris.

I am working with the 2.2.5 release of Samba.

Everything in the nsswitch subdirectory compiles cleanly.
wbinfo, which uses winbindd, resolves WINS entries no problem.
(When I am running winbindd, that is.)

Solaris appears to use /usr/lib/nss_wins.so.1 rather than libnss_wins.so
(when 'wins' is referenced from the hosts line in /etc/nsswitch.conf).

No problem, I thought, and I copied libnss_wins.so to

I can verify that the library is being examined by killing nscd, then
running truss on 'ping'.
(I can also see it by running nscd in debug mode.)
host and dns lookups still work.

Unfortunately that is all that happens.  The WINS lookup does not.
Nothing happens.  The ping returns 'host not found'.

No errors;  just 'host not found'.

I have not yet tried a tcpdump to see if it is sending out packets.

I was wondering if there is anything else I should be doing or installing
or setting up to
get WINS lookups to work transparently on Solaris as they do so nicely on

Are there any known bugs regarding this?

Rick Otten

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