[Samba] 'Not listening for calling name'

Vicky Clarke vclarke at frontier.co.uk
Mon Jul 15 10:03:03 GMT 2002

At 06:43 13/07/2002 -0700, you wrote:

(Thanks very much for all the support - in fact I got the Windows issue 
fixed this morning, which was with the netmask).

>It looks like your Samba host system is set up with the same IP
>address as your wins server, but you've turned wins support off
>on the same system!  And you're also trying to use the same system
>as your password server, although you didn't make it a PDC by
>specifying domain logons = yes.
>Did you get your IP addresses wrong?  I'm guessing that there's
>a Windows NT/2000 server on your network acting as PDC, and maybe
>you've given your local system the same IP address as the PDC ...
>or maybe you're confused as to how to set up your Samba server as
>the PDC ...  or something like that ... it's hard to tell with the
>info I received from you.

No, in fact the WINS server entry is a misunderstanding on my part - I 
thought it meant 'use a WINS server', not 'be a WINS server'. The samba 
server doesn't physically have the same IP address as the NT machine which 
is the PDC and the WINS server and therefore, I assume, the password 
server; we're not really using WINS except as an interface to DNS anyway, 
so I could just comment out the WINS stuff altogether. The intention is 
that the NT machine should stay the PDC and deal with authentication, Samba 
should just dish up the shares, and WINS should be pretty much useless - am 
I confused about how to achieve this?

>Also, you might as well let Samba take on the role of local master
>browser at least, with:

I thought this would cause problems if there was an NT4 PDC in the same 
domain? (Which there is).

>         smbclient //localhost/art
>         smbclient //
>If either of these work, your problem is with name resolution on
>the SAMBA hostname.

Yes, this is in fact the case; I'm not certain I understand the mechanism 
of name resolution that's going on underneath this, is there anywhere I can 
read up on it?

(Is there any chance all this useless WINS stuff in smb.conf is affecting 
things and causing samba to think it's the same machine as the PDC, even 
though I've turned WINS support off?)

Many thanks,

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