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Siller, Uwe Uwe.Siller at alcoa.com
Mon Jul 15 02:37:02 GMT 2002

hi there !

since i changed "security = user" to "security = server"
the windows explorer is very slow.

i have mapped about 12 folders from a hp-ux server.
the version i use is 2.2.3a

if i remove the mapped folders on windows everything is ok, but as soon as i
map again the folders the behaviour is not acceptable.

for example if i write a word document and want to save it, the pull down
menu where i can choose the folder where to put the file takes more than a
minute to come up.
once the menu is open the speed to change between the folders is ok.
the behaviour comes up again on the next save session.

what i did to speed up the system was decreasing the loglevel (log level =
1), but the effect was almost zero ...

have you any idea what i can do ?

thanx for your help.


grüsse aus frickenhausen.
uwe siller

Uwe Siller
Dipl. Mathematiker (FH)
CAD / CAE Systemadministrator

AFL Germany Electronics GmbH
72636 Frickenhausen, Germany
Phone:		+49-(0)7022-940-352
Fax:		+49-(0)7022-940-233
Email:		uwe.siller at alcoa.com
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