[Samba] SAM from NT BDC to Samba

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sat Jul 13 18:19:10 GMT 2002

Diego Rivera wrote:
> Hello!!
> A customer of mine recently experienced a catastrophic failure of their
> PDC, and their BDC is not running as stable as we'd like.  They've
> agreed to move PDC/BDC schema to Linux (currently they run NT4).
> So the question is: having ONLY a BDC available for SAM database, how do
> I extract that so I can replicate that to Samba and do a "transparent"
> upgrade (if possible)?

Not particularly possible at this stage - you could try pwdump, and see
what that can get you of passwords.  You could try some of the samsync
stuff, but its not really working at the moment, and has a hard limit of
250 users.

You could look at the migration scripts that Samba-TNG has in its
repository - examples/hechenberger - adapting those to work with the
HEAD schema should not be too difficult.

In any case, a BDC has all the capabilities of a PDC, so that bit
shouldn't be an issue - it is the rest that will cause problems :-).  

Andrew Bartlett

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