[Samba] Backup file server

René Nieuwenhuizen R.Nieuwenhuizen at cpb.nl
Sat Jul 13 08:12:02 GMT 2002


What about a fibre channel (or even a fast wide differential-scsi channel)
connecting the fileservers to a raid cabinet (with fc-interface/dual
fw-scsi)? Files are reliable stored on raid and when server x fails server y
mounts filesystem checks filesystem (fast recovery needed so journaled
filesystem) and starts serving... You have to make sure that server y
doesn't take over without really disabeling server x (power switching it

René Nieuwenhuizen
SysAdmin Centraal Planbureau

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Subject: [Samba] Backup file server

> I would like to get a backup samba file server running that takes over
> should the primary fail. There are several issues in implementing this....
> Is it even possible to have a file system level copy made of the files? Or
> even a samba level copy of the files on the backup server? I would like
> backup to take over in real time should the primary fail.
> Thanks.
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