[Samba] Comments / suggestions wanted - Winbind, 2K, and user Homes

Edward Yantis yantis at hyperhog.net
Fri Jul 12 20:23:14 GMT 2002

I have a single AD domain with 4 domain controllers (win2k-not native mode).  I want all 
users to login to AD (clients from 98 to XP - no linux clients yet).

This is a school network with 4 campuses connected by wireless links (hence the 4 domain 
controllers) and I would like to put a samba server at each location for student home 
directories (basically a NAS setup to start with).  There will be no need to access win2k 
shares from linux machines.

Can Samba/winbind create the user's home directories automatically with out creating a 
linux account on the samba server?  I have about 1400 accounts that I have to manage by 
myself and do not want to have to deal with accounts on multiple systems.

(assuming samba/winbind can create the home directories or they can be created via a 
script) Since all users are in the same AD domain, how can I ensure that only the home 
directories for a particular campus get created on the corresponding server?  I have the 
users separated in the AD with an OU for each campus.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions.


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