[Samba] job fails to print via samba 2.2.6-pre1 - lpd ASCII a nd postscript test works fine...

Peter Shearer shearerp at nwcc.edu
Fri Jul 12 10:36:23 GMT 2002

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Paul --

This sounds more like a conflict between the printer driver you are
using and the type of printer queue you have configured within Linux.
 Make sure that for the printconf printer queue is set for "raw" so
that no modification of the Windows-compiled print job is done and it
is just sent directly to the printer.  If it is set for the
ghostscript "HP LaserJet 8100" filter (if there is one), then Linux
will also try to translate the print job as it comes in.  This causes
a lot of problems with some printers.  :)

At NCC, for each printer there are two queues within Linux: 
PrinterName and X-PrinterName (or X_PrinterName when using CUPS). 
The regular PrinterName queue is just a raw print queue which we use
to print to from all Windows computers.  The X-PrinterName is what we
print to from within Linux/UNIX and has the ghostscript filters
running on them.  To the users, the prefix of X is what determines
between the printer types (although I am currently the only one who
uses Linux on a persistent basis).
Peter D. Shearer
Network Administrator
Northwest Christian College
shearerp at nwcc.edu   http://www.nwcc.edu

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and postscript test works fine...

Does this problem occur when the printer is directly hooked up to the
Is this a samba problem at all?  This is a ghostscript (IMHO) error. 

On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 12:37:34PM -0400, Paul.Sanders at excellus.com
> Red Hat 7.3
> samba 2.2.6-pre1 using bsd style printing
>  printers:     HP LaserJet 8100
>                       HP LaserJet 8150
>                       HP Color LaserJet 4500
>                       HP Color LaserJet 4550
> Problem:   I set up printers in linux via printconf as JetDirect
> queues.  I have ~90 printers, all but 12 of which are  HP LJ
> 4000/4050.
> I can send a test page [both ASCII and Postscript] to ALL queues
> via printconf and all tests come out OK.
> When I move over to an NT/2k box and send text via samba all jobs
> print fine.
> When printing a page containing graphics [in this case an image of
> a plump Tux with some text...] I get a blank page followed by a
> page with a short error message:
>       ERROR: timeout
>       OFFENDING COMMAND: timeout
>       STACK:
>       -mark-
>       /sfnts
> The stack error varies somewhat depending on the page being sent. 
> Samba shows no errors in any log that I have looked into and there
> in no appreciable delay in the page being printed [which would seem
> to be the case with a 'timeout' error].  just to clarify - this
> error is printed on a sheet of paper from the printer not in any
> logs or onscreen dialog.  
> I changed the queue for one of these printers to a Unix/lpd queue
> and all jobs regardless of origin print OK.  I have not touched the
> drivers or changed any other setting.
> These same printers are currently being servered by a Redhat 6.2.4
> [VA Linux version] box running 2.2.5-pre and I have no issues like
> this.  [I am upgrading a two-box 'cluster' one box at a time...].
> Again, I see no errors - samba seems to think the printer accepted
> the job while the printer thinks it is getting junk.
> This is not a show stopper since i can just use the LPD style queue
> for the cranky printers...
> Any thoughts..
> Paul Sanders
> Univera Health Care IT
> Excellus, Inc.
> Paul.Sanders at excellus.com
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