[Samba] Sending poweroff command over lan.

Trevor Fraser trevor at systematic.co.za
Fri Jul 12 10:18:26 GMT 2002

Hello all.

This may not be a Samba specific question, but I hope the response will be
the same if it isn't.

I've got two Red Hat Linux servers, one's a file server, the other a
route/internet server. I've got an APC smart-UPS 1000 and xpowerchute
software. The UPS sends a shutdown signal to the file server via a serial
cable. You can *$buy$*! an Interface Expander to get two serial ports out of
the UPS, but isn't good old Linux capable of much more than the usual

 What I want to attempt to do is to get the server which is connected to the
UPS, when receiving the poweroff command, to send the other server a
poweroff/run-level 6 signal via the lan. The guidance so far is that it is
possible some how, as long as the hub/switch is connected to the UPS.

Does any one know anything further?

Is writing a shell script on the right track? This is all I've come up with.

Reguards, Trevor.

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