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This is the way for the normal .pst file where outlook stores ist
information about the normal folders. I had moved this pst to my
homedrive and it works fine. The problem is my IMAP account. When you
create an imap account in outlook it creates another pst file in the
normal path. This file is called machinename0000006.pst e.g.
If you move this file to another path, outlook wont ask at start where
the pst file is. If you will send/receive mesages outlook tells you that
one object is missing and creates a new pst file than called
machinename0000006.pst, but this is not the write one. You must copy
know the original machinename0000006.pst in the outlook directory under
Local Settings and than it works. My solution at this time is to copy
all the seconds pst in to every machine and than it works. There arent
problems to synchronize this pst, because ist an imap account. But ist
not fine to copy this file to all machines. 
The problem will not be there if I can xp tell to export the outlook
folder too. But this work only a few minutes, you can read in my first

Regards sven

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I am not sure how outlook 2k and outlook xp differ,  but if you manually
move the outlook.pst file,  outlook 2k will just ask you where it is.  

So all I did was map all users home directory (ie. /home/fred) to H:
Then create a directory of .outlook (/home/fred/.outlook)  Make sure
samba is set to hide dot files.  Then copy any outlook files into that
directory and point outlook to that dir. NOTE: you'll have to manually
type .outlook\outlook.pst when telling outlook where the pst file is as
that dir isn't visible. That way the user isn't downloading all the mail
on logon.  This works fine for me using win2k clients and samba 2.2.4 on
redhat 7.2



Does anybody know how to manage roaming profiles with outlook 2002 ? I
have XP boxes with roaming profiles and all work fine. The only problem
is that XP doesn´t export the path where outlook stores ist .pst file.
This is not the problem for the .pst file where outlook stores contacts
and so. The path of the normal pst is on a network drive.  But I have an
IMAP mail account for every user and if you configure outlook for imap
it creates another .pst file under the normal path ...Local
Settings../outlook/ I am not able to store this file under a different
path e.g. a network drive. I think that there are 2 ways for my problem:

1.) show outlook the path to a network drive for the imap pst as I did
it for the normal pst --> I don´t know how

2.) export the whole outlook path under local settings -->

It works, but not for a long time: 

After you create an outlook account for the first time, outlook adds a
registry entry under 

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
--> ExcludeProfileDirs

In this entry you can add directories of the roaming profile not to
export. --> because of that, the outlook pst would not exported with the
roaming profile. If I delete this entry on all workstations under the
default and the user profile of the registry it works for some time. But
after some time, I don´t know why the entry is back in the registry to
not export the outlook folder.

Does anybody have an idea ?

Regards sven

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